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KAPLAN CONSULTING GROUP (KCG) specializes in helping businesses develop their people and their organizations. Our singular focus is on enhancing performance - both of individuals and organizations by maximizing the sense of ownership and satisfaction that each person derives from contributing to their organization's success.

KCG uses powerful behavioral change methodologies, and assessment instruments that have been time-tested and proven over the last 20 years.

We help companies tackle challenges related to their People Strategy: these challenges include acquiring and retaining top talent; developing leaders for the future; building their management bench strength; becoming an employer of choice; and supercharging organizational performance. KCG is involved in such projects as:
  • Coaching executives to be more effective leaders
  • Coaching fast-trackers (high potentials) and showing them how to accelerate their development
  • Derailment prevention, which involves assisting key contributors who are in danger of termination to recognize the self-defeating aspects of their behavior and return them to being high-impact contributors
  • Transforming individual contributors into managers and managers into leaders
  • Building and implementing career development and succession development processes in order to ensure that organizations have the right people for the right jobs at the right time

Working with individuals in a company allows us to modify the collective behavior of the organization. To this end, we work with larger systems within an organization - teams, departments, as well as the entire enterprise. Changing the behavior of groups requires the same behavior change methodologies, techniques, and tools as for individuals. Whether the project is teambuilding organizational transformation, or merger and acquisition culture alignment, the fundamental challenge is to change the day-to-day behavior of each individual involved.

As a Principal of The Global Consulting Partnership, we are able to seamlessly provide Human Resource Development (HRD) and Organizational Development (OD), within our global network of principals, no matter how small or large the project, whether world wide or regional.


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